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If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while or are just looking for a change, our office offers comprehensive dental care and a warm and caring environment. We offer everything from basic cleanings to X-rays and use the latest technology to give you a great smile that you won’t be able to wait to show off. Offering a relaxing atmosphere and old-fashioned client care, this is one visit to the dentist that you won’t dread. Call today to make an appointment and get on your way to smile satisfaction.
Conveniently located adjacent to University Mall in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the dental practice of C. Michael Willock offers a full range of dental procedures and services. In addition to the more common procedures and services normally found in a dental practice, Willock DDS specializes in Holistic, Mercury Free, Naturopathic, Sedation, and Cosmetic Dentistry.

About Us

Dr. Willock

Dr. Mike Willock

Dr. Mike. Willock is a native of Portland, Oregon. He has been involved in the medical field since he was in his teens working part time and then full time with the family business; design, development and manufacture of the dialysis machine. In his early business years he traveled internationally for the company, setting up offices.

In later years the company was sold to a major medical equipment manufacturer and at that time Dr. Willock decided to attend dental school, a life long dream.

He is a graduate of Portland State University, Portland, Oregon and the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry at Chapel Hill, North Carolina where he received several commendations from the faculty for management of patient care.

The world of dentistry is changing so fast that in order to be on the "cutting edge" of his field, he attends many hours of continuing education each year. He believes his patients deserve the best in skill and materials.

Working to attain the skill of a world class dentist is one thing, having the touch of a "lamb" is another. Dr. Willock's patients praise him for his very "soft touch" and his deep concern for his patients.

Dr. Willock's major focus in dentistry is the restoration of the mouth containing toxic dental materials that lead to many of the "modern" diseases we experience today. These toxic dental materials, can and do, create major health problems at remote sites in the bodies of people with weak or compromised immune systems and should be removed according to specific procedures so as not to aggravate existing medical conditions.

  • 1989 DDS University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • 2001 LLM Regent University School of Law, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • 2009 Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine , Tempe, Arizona, Post Graduate Certificate in Environmental Medicine
  • Currently studying with the British Institute of Homeopathy for Diploma in Dental Homeopathy
  • Training in Oxygen and Ozone therapy in Dental Medicine; American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry
  • Optimal Testing, Removal, and Detox of Heavy Metals; International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, Houston, TX
  • Bio-Cybernetics and Energy Medicine; Foundation for Applied Science for Alternative Medicine and the Healing Arts, St. Louis, MO.
  • Holistic Medicine for the 21st Century; Fordham Page Nutrition Study Club
  • A Simple Approach to Successful Use of Whole Food Supplements; Standard Process, Inc.
  • An Introduction and Practicum to IV's; International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
  • Training in the Use of the Tennant Biomodulator; Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine
  • Microscopy of Cavitations; International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
  • Contemporary Breakthroughs in Homeopathy Intensive Training; King Bio Natural Medicine Institute
  • Member of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
  • Member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
  • Member of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
  • Member of the Holistic Dental Association
  • Member of the Dr. Hal Huggins Multi-Discipline Alliance
  • Member of the Price-Pottenger Foundation
  • Accredited Member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)
  • Board Certified Member of the International Academy of Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM)


  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Washington

The Team

Dr. Willock is very proud of the ladies that comprise the Willock Dental Team because of their professional ability but mostly because of their concern for our patients. All team members are graduates of a certified dental school program and entered the dental field because they were interested in oral health care and have remained in the field because of their love of the profession. As a patient, you are in "good hands" with Dr. Willock and his great staff!

Elizabeth Shreve, RHD

Elizabeth is a highly qualified Registered Dental Hygienist. Patients rave about how gentle and through she is and she is dedicated to the care of her patients. Elizabeth is a native of North Carolina and she entered the field of dentistry by first attending and graduating form the Dental Assisting Program Alamance Community College and then was encouraged to go to hygiene school at Guilford Tech in Greensboro, NC.

She has worked as a Perio Hygienist for three years and for the last nine years she has been in general dentistry but her love of helping patients with gum disease heal is a top priority which we continues at our office. When checking out, our patients rave about how gentle she is and that they feel their teeth are cleaner than normal.

Sherry Garret

A native of Hillsborough, NC and an exceptional assistant. She has been in dentistry for over 15 years and is very knowledgeable. Our patients give Sherry compliments on her dental knowledge and skill, plus she has a very warm and engaging personality which puts them at ease.

Missy Smith, CDAII

Missy is a highly trained Certified Dental Assistant who has been in dentistry for over 20 years. She has a very quiet spirit and has an abundance of experience with dental insurance. Patients find that she is very kind but knowledgable.

Gwen Willock

Practice Manager, B.S. Gwen is a native of Chatham, Virginia. She is a graduate of Averett University in Danville, Virginia from the school of Business with emphasis on Accounting and Retailing. The experience she brings to the practice comes from owning and managing several million-dollar businesses. She and Dr. Willock have been married for 40 years and have one son who is 31 and one granddaughter.

Our Commitment

Dr. Michael Willock backs up his commitment by constantly reeducating himself in the field of dentistry. For the past 10 years he has been studying holistic/naturopatic dental alternatives. He truly believes there is a serious connection between the dental materials used and a persons' health depending on ones immune system. The office has been equipped with the latest equipment to make the dental office more environmentally friendly. The office was one of the first offices in the area to offer digital x-rays, which reduce the amount of radiation by 8 times.

In addition to offering a holistic approach to dentistry he incorporates the bio-compatible materials with his study under internationally renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Larry Rosenthal of New York. Dr. Willock's ongoing quest to stay on the cutting edge of technology provides dentistry that changes people's lives and hopefully their health.

Dr. Michael Willock and his staff have finely crafted their practice to assure that each visit you have with them will reflect this mission. Within their tastefully designed office, you will be surrounded by people who will cater to your comfort and total satisfaction.

You'll discover a dental experience like no other...intra oral cameras give you a close-up view of your teeth while the doctor perfects your patient education keeps you informed on the latest dental advances...a fully computerized office with advanced diagnostic capabilities helps ensure that your smile gets the care that it needs.

Plus, Dr. Willock dedicates as much time to the appearance of your smile as to the underlying health that preserves it. He skillfully combines the touch of an artist with a comprehensive understanding of advanced holistic dentistry to produce results that are uniquely tailored to give you a beautiful healthier smile, while doing no harm!

Ask Dr. Willock what he can do for your smile.

What Our Patients Say

" Thank you so much for doing my work in record time. Also, thank you for doing such an excellent repair job on my front tooth. I can barely see the filling you replaced on my front tooth as opposed to the prior filling which was very noticeable in not matching my tooth color very well at all - even immediately after the filling was put in. Thank you so much for your excellent work." - October 28, 2014

"Everyone in Dr. Willocks office was extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Willock himself was very friendly & informative. He cared about my comfort/discomfort & took time explaining things to me. He didn't seem rushed or hurried. He practiced safe mercury removal protocol when dealing with my amalgums. I traveled 4 1/2 hours to go to his office because I trusted him & highly recommend him. The work he did wasn't cheap, but I'm mercury free, which gives me great peace of mind. The impact this will have on my health is tremendous!" - October 28, 2014

"I forgot to add this to my last review. Dr. Willock's office is very relaxing. My mom was waiting for me while I was having my procedure done & fell asleep! There's several salt lamps, which make the air smell clean. There's peaceful music playing, and a wonderful salt scrub to use on your hands in the bathroom. There's too many wonderful details to mention! You truly feel cared about by everyone in this office. " - October 28, 2014

"Every time, the check-ups, cleanings, and procedures have been done with great sensitivity and understanding. Dr. Willock and his staff have been incredibly accommodating since I live in Pennsylvania and come to Chapel Hill for appointments. For someone, me, who has a fear of going to the dentist, it is well-worth the costs associated of coming to Chapel Hill. I could not be more pleased than I am with the care I receive. " - October 20, 2014

"Going to a dentist can be an unpleasant experience. Not here. The entire staff is caring and helpful. From the moment I sat down I felt extremely relaxed and knew I was in good hands. Now I can honestly say I look forward to my next visit. I' my not dreaming am I? No I'm not. Thank you all. " - September 17, 2014

"The entire staff are respectful and friendly as well as professional. Time is always taken to explain and discuss any issues I might have and a phone contact is always available for emergencies. I couldn't ask for more for my dental health care." - September 11, 2014

"Dr Willock, finally I've found a Dentist that I feel I can trust. I look forward to getting my dental issues resolved." - September 9, 2014

"I moved here from Florida last year and I was not looking forward to the idea of finding someone who shared the same holistic values as I do. Luckily, my naturopath doctor referred him. I couldn't be happier with him and his team! " - September 3, 2014

"I couldn't be more pleased with the care and service I have received from Dr. Willock and his staff. I love the holistic approach, the excellence of the dental work, the concern for the person, and the friendliness and pleasantness of the entire staff. Another bonus is that the office operates with professionalism and efficiency. Like I said, I really don't feel I could ask for more." - August 13, 2014

"The hygienist did a great job cleaning my teeth and she made sure that I was comfortable." August 12, 2014

"My first visit to Dr. Willock's office was wonderful! My questions were answered and needs were met with exceptional clarity and professionalism, while welcoming and hospitable at the same time." - August 6, 2014

"My experience has been great at Dr. Willock's office. I had an extreme fear of the dentist before becoming a patient here a few years ago. Now, I actually enjoy my visits. The staff know us by name & spend time talking & getting to know us. They treat us almost like family & take great care of us. They've been more than gracious, hospitable, accommodating and all around, good to us. I originally sought to find a Biological Dentist. They are the only ones I found, and I'm so glad I did. They have been great to us, I no longer have a fear of the dentist & I would recommend this practice to anyone! " - June 2, 2014

"Fantastic experience! Our world would be much different and better if we had more DDS operating like this! We drove over 1.5 hours to come see Dr. Willock. It was worth every second. I have a very special case, his staff and him listen to my concerns and present options which would be suitable for my specific case! His staff and him were great with my 22 month old daughter in making her feel comfortable. Professional and clean environment! Calm atmosphere you would never know you were in a DDS office! " - May 9, 2014

"I have been going to Dr. Willock for about 12 years. The staff is very professional, prompt, and very friendly! I highly recommend them if you are in need of dental care." - May 8, 2014

"I have been going to Dr. Willock for more than 20 years. On two occasions, I have had severe toothaches that have occurred on the weekend (of course!). On both occasions, Dr. Willock has met me at his office to start the procedure which would bring me relief. In short, I've been very pleased." - April 28, 2014

"I was pleased with Elizabeth, the new hygienist, who did an excellent job of cleaning. Dr. Willock and his staff are always professional, punctual and friendly." - April 19, 2014

"We drive almost 6 hours round trip so that we can see Dr. Willock. We appreciate how kind and respectful Dr Willock and his entire staff have been. It is always such a pleasant experience because everyone in the office has a welcoming and positive attitude. Dr. Willock has a wonderful holistic approach to dentistry, and we plan on remaining clients for a long time! " - April 15, 2014

"I want to thank you for the work you have done for me! My tooth sensitivity is gone and my crown replacement is great and my mouth guard fits! Thank you for your patience and excellent work"

"I have deal with many health issues over the past 8 years and seen many doctors, however, Dr. Willock one of the kindest doctors I have ever worked with. He replaced eleven of my amalgam fillings, therefore I was in his office a lot! At each visit Dr. Willock took time to answer all of my questions and made me feel comfortable with the procedures before they took place. I was greeted by name every time I walked through the door and after my appointments I received a call asking how I was doing. Dr. Willock's office made a very scary process for me very comfortable. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Willock Sherry, Gwen, and his staff. Dr. Willock is more than a dentist, he is a kind human being who cares about others and genuinely wants the best for his patients. Thank you for taking such good care of me during my amalgam removal process. I look forward to having you as my dentist office." Kari

"I never would have dreamed that I would say that I love going to a dentist, but now I do; I just love you guys."J. Heath

"Having veneers placed on my teeth was a lifetime dream. I knew I was a great candidate for cosmetic dentistry/veneers however, I could not have dreamed how my life would change after having the veneers placed. I actually open my mouth wide and smile now, showing my teeth. Friends in college could not believe that my perfectly beautiful teeth were veneers. Anyone who is considering cosmetic dentistry should do it! I just love my smile now!"C. Honeycutt

"This is absolutely the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Willock cares so much about each patient and his staff is the best ever! I was so scared when I went in but now I love going and my teeth are in the best health ever. Thanks Dr. Willock, Lisa and staff. I tell everyone how great you are!"L. Abbott

"For over 13 years I have been a patient of your office as a result from a referral and I have NEVER been disappointed. Absolutely everyone there is top-notch, helpful, informative, and caring. Thanks so much."L. Nubeck

"I was touched by the warmth of your staff and the comfort and care of everyone in your office. Thank you for making a very anxious experience into a pleasurable one."M.Einson

"Dr. Willock you are certainly a fine 'extractor.' In both times I have had to remove a tooth your skill has made the procedure virtually painless!"R. Wynn

"My experience with this office has been an absolute wonderful experience. From the initial phone call through all of my visits, the staff and Dr. Willock are amazingly gentle and caring. Thank you for changing my life, the results are awesome!R. Gessner

"My husband thinks driving 3 hours for a dental appointment is crazy and he has insisted that I go to his dentist, who is suppose to be one of the best in Richmond. Keeping peace in the house, I made an appointment for my 6 month check up with my husband's dental office. The dentist's daughter, now a dentist, cleaned my teeth and within minutes of the cleaning she stopped and said, 'I don't know who has done your restorative work but it is most unusual for me to see this quality of work'. I was impressed, but then, she stopped again during the cleaning and remarked, 'the restorations in your mouth are some of the finest I have ever seen.

"I want to thank Dr. Mike for giving me exceptional restorations. As a patient, I did not know there was such a difference in restorations, but now I do and you can bet my husband will not determine WHO does my restorations!"J. Orcutt

"Your office is one of the nicest most pleasant medical offices I have ever been in. I felt peace and harmony when entering, what an unusal feeling when entering a dental/medical facility. The staff is so pleasant, a place I will enjoy coming to."D. Jones

"About 5 years ago, Dr. Willock restored my upper & lower back teeth with Ceracs, crowns and a root canal. It was painless and i could finally eat steak & chew gum again and that was medically necessary!

"I saw a photo on his wall of a young lady who had protruding teeth with big gaps. Her "after cosmetic treatment" photo was so beautiful. I asked Dr. W IF she had ortho and he said no, he had given her the Hollywood smile with veneers. As a result, I now have had my 8 front upper & lower teeth restored with Veneers at the age of 73!! There was NO PAIN at all. My suggestion is not too put off having a beautiful smile as long as it did and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Willock for every sort of dental restoration. He is so talented and caring. He staff is great too!"Bonnie I.

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